Our hearts leaps for An Cafe !! o(≧∀≦)o

Our hearts leaps for An Cafe !! o(≧∀≦)o
Guitar Bass

2015 m. vasario 14 d., šeštadienis

New look and description

"It's opposite for An Cafe. They give you present for Valentine day. It's the latest photo for 3/14 white day live!!
There is no Afro!?
Could it be member change!?
Can be it that person is !?
to be continued.."


2015 m. sausio 19 d., pirmadienis

Teruki ameba blog entry [2015-01-18]

Mother's birthday

Teruki is writing. On day's before yesterday evening I came back to Sendai.

My sister is also living in Tachikawa,she came to home with her 1 year old daughter. So Nagata's house became really lively☆

I know it's a little late,  but we went to neighbour's shrine yesterday. It took 1 hour to walk .

It was cold with heavy snow and wind. (´ω`;)

It was nostalgic to walk while listening to songs.

Also, today was my mother's birthday. We all 3,we went to Matsushima onsen. 

Yesterday TV and newspapers were talking about Awaji Earthquake.

I was middle school student at that time. It happened on South Niigata,it felt like different world to me.

Also, I went skiing that day. During The the Great East Japan Earthquake I couldn't contact my family. I went to Arahama because there were acquaintances, cafekko who passed away.

When we see disasters and accidents on Internet and TV everyday,little by little you start to think that it's not person's business ,but when I saw photos of Awaji earthquake on Yahoo top page, I felt different feelings. 

Although I haven't been in band during middle school,now I'm adapted to this kind of job. We performed in Kansai many times. I thought " During Awaji earthquake a lot of people passed away, between these people there could be cafekko,there could be people which are involved with our work" .

It's similar with eruption of Ontake-san Traffic accidents  are happening everyday.

You can't know what can happen .

Thinking like that,we can't worry about small things,can we?

In order to die without regretting anything,isn't life about doing important things and things you love ?

We don't know when we will die.

Live as you like!

You can abandon something, escape from many things,but I don't say you have to live irresponsible life.

Do things you like,cherish important things and have responsibility!

I want to properly "Do your best by enjoy doing thing you love" . 

I think I have changed by thinking like that.

There is great weather in Sendai☆ Although it's cold outside, if you have sunshine inside it will be almost hot (*^ω^*)

I hope you enjoyed translation! There can be some mistakes(I'm not perfect translator) . You can freely share this translation with credit of course!

2015 m. sausio 18 d., sekmadienis

MIku facebook message

NYAPPY o(≧∀≦)o
I'm miku!!
It’s freezing outside!
How about you??
I go out to drink with friends this night.
I’m going to keep warm enough!!
Don't upset your health, and take care.

2015 m. sausio 15 d., ketvirtadienis

[About character] The answer of character of yesterday

It was  モンガ(Monga) from 21emon. Quite many people knew it! It's Character created by Fujiko .F. Fujio (mangaka of Doraemon)

Teruki tweet

Teruki : The end of meeting!We talked about February 7th and 8th (*^ω^*) I'm so excited from now and hungry ☆

Teruki photo

Teruki : I wonder if everyone knows this character ☆ Good night(*^ω^*)